“Hands-on, experiential, real-life training”

Have you considered becoming a coach? Jeffrey takes on just 2-3 apprentices each year and trains them on all aspects of the coaching business. This is a complete and thorough coach training program like no other. It’s hand on, experiential, real-life training. The problem with traditional coach training is while you gain coaching skills, there is rarely any business training. So many people end up graduating from such programs having no idea how to build a coaching practice. With Jeffrey’s leadership you will learn coaching skills first hand by co-leading group coaching sessions and observing one-to-one calls. You will also have the opportunity to get Jeffrey’s feedback with recordings of your own coaching calls. The curtain is pulled back so that you can see behind the scenes of what it takes to build a successful coaching practice from lead generation, enrolling the right clients, a profitable business model, and how to price your services. Upon completion, you’ll not only be a coach, you’ll actually have a working business generating income positioned for expansion.

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