LINGO Coaching

“Make Your Business Irresistible”

Following the strategies in Jeffrey’s book, LINGO, this is his unique area of expertise. There are three options that follow a similar strategy with the same objective– define who your ideal customer is, discover their Secret Language, and build a brand that “speaks” only to your ideal customer. The result for you is a business that attracts your ideal customers–the ones that pay you what you’re worth, sees the value in what you offer, and become loyal to your business.

Jeffrey will guide you through the 7 steps of the Secret Language strategy with 7 one-hour sessions to be used at your own pace.

At Jeffrey’s home in Miami Beach, at your location, or virtually, you will go through the entire 7 step LINGO process in a day. Ideal for individuals, a group workshop, or a team from a single company.

The LINGO Course
A 7-week live group coaching course with exercises and support for you to build a brand that attracts your ideal customers!

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Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible
In LINGO, serial entrepreneur, business coach, and host of Creative Warriors podcast, Jeffrey Shaw reveals how to make your business irresistible to your ideal customers by showing them that you “get” them.