“We co-create. Your life changes.”

Our world needs creative entrepreneurs. Those that transform people and beautify the world, leaving it better than it was before. Service-based professionals living their dream. However, trying to build a non-traditional business–where you are your brand, you’re offering your talent and you create experiences and emotions– in a traditional business environment often results in frustration and confusion. What Jeffrey understands better than most is how to leverage the strengths of the creative thinker as their greatest business asset. Harmonizing the dream and the reality, the mission with the money. Resulting in a prosperous business that frees the creative entrepreneur to be fully expressive in their work, serve their communities well, and thrive with financial freedom.

One-to-One Coaching offers a full year of support customized to suit your style from gradual growth to intense work up front with monthly accountability calls to follow. Includes unlimited email support and a Full-Day Intensive (see below).

If you prefer to jam it out all at once and walk away with a strategy to implement on your own, you may prefer a Full-Day Intensive. This includes dinner the night before at one of Miami’s finest restaurants, two nights at an exclusive spa on Miami Beach, and a full day of coaching, goal setting, and strategizing. There is a mid-day break with a spa treatment of your choice. You end the day with a comprehensive business plan for 1-3 years. A month later, there is a follow-up 45-minute Coaching Call to be sure you’re on track. If you decide you want to follow up with One-to-One Coaching, your entire investment will be applied towards One-to-One Coaching. 

Your objectives and goals are unique. What needs to be done is done. Your life ignites.

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