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We are dedicated to serving and supporting service-based professionals who are in business marketing themselves and their talent. To make the journey more joyous and the path more profitable.

We believe it is professionals like you– creative, talented, and eager to serve others that will transform our world.

We call it The New Renaissance.

A time when artists, coaches, designers, authors, speakers and other purpose-driven entrepreneurs will run profitable businesses, be highly respected for their talents and free to express their work across a variety of mediums.

Create. Serve. Be Prosperous.

Talking Stick- The Secret Language of Customer Experience


WARRIOR of Reciprocity

One of the more important topics in my book, LINGO, is about customer experience (Chapter 9). It’s very important we think about customer service different than we used to. Simply put, we should consider not giving the experience we want our customers to have, but instead, pay more attention to the experience they WANT. Have a listen and get the latest insights about how to be sure your customers have an awesome customer experience.

Josh Haynam- Quizzes as a Marketing Strategy



The word “quiz” can conjure up images of stressful days in school, or gimmicky Buzzfeed posts your friends have shared. In reality, quizzes are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use today. People don’t want to be one of a million, or even one in a million. They want to be THE one in a million. In order to do that, you need to really know them. You need to know their language, their habits, and what they really need.


Talking Stick- What It Really Means To Speak Someone’s LINGO


WARRIOR of Reciprocity

By traditional definition, lingo means to speak the jargon of a group or individual. It’s important as we continue to discuss lingo and the lessons taught in my book, LINGO, that you understand how I define it. I define lingo as understanding someone’s essence. Ironically, to speak someone’s lingo is more about the unspoken word. It’s creating the energetic connection that you get each other and are speaking the same language. Yes, the words and jargon are important. But only after you “get” them.


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Jeffrey Shaw

Chief Creative Warrior | Business Coach | Speaker | Author

A believer that transformation requires inspiration and implementation, it is my intention to offer a new way of thinking about business as well as effective business practices. Both a visionary and strategic thinker, I encourage others to follow a quest that is bigger than they can imagine with measurable action steps to make that quest a reality.

The Path of The Creative Warrior
“Stand up for what you stand for in order to stand out”
“It’s Time For A New Renaissance”
“Strive to be the best FOR the world,
NOT the best IN the world”
“Clarity is the fearless union of conflicting ideas”
“Being a warrior is not about conquering.
It’s about strength”
“Live your life creating more than doing”
“Forcing focus blocks creativity”
“You’re never too small to make a big impact”
“Prosperity is not something we achieve.
It’s something we receive”


The fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to have a successful business is to work with your ideal customers. They value your offering and pay you what it’s worth and they are a joy to serve. But how can you rise above the noise in a crowded marketplace to attract these customers?

You learn to speak their secret language.

In LINGO, serial entrepreneur, business coach, and host of Creative Warriors podcast, Jeffrey Shaw reveals how to make your business irresistible to your ideal customers by showing them that you “get” them.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • The 5-Step Secret Language Strategy he used to go from being overlooked to being overbooked in less than one year
  • How LINGO as a marketing strategy makes competition almost irrelevant
  • How pricing can attract, not deter, your ideal customer
  • How to develop a brand image that magnetizes your ideal customer and filters out the rest

With game-changing insights, practical action steps, and relatable examples, Jeffrey Shaw opens a groundbreaking conversation to make business easier, more profitable, and more positively impactful for any entrepreneur.




“We co-create. Your life changes.”



“Create from self. Create from others.”



“Make Your Business Irresistible.”



“Be Successful Doing What You Love.”



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