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Serial Entrepreneur Barry Friedman

Serial Entrepreneur Barry Friedman

When I first heard about a guy that created an abundant lifestyle as a juggler I was immediately intrigued. Then I found out he also offered his expertise to others as a business coach for entertainers. The idea of coaching others in the industry from which he first built his career resonated with me as that has been my path as well. But wait there’s more! When I found out he recently launched a 30-Day Sugar Free program I realized there was a much bigger story. 

Barry exemplifies the creative warrior spirit. Free to create with passion. Determined to serve with all your might. And to be prosperous. Barry embraces business as an act of creativity with no limits to “focus on one thing” and “find a niche”. Barry puts into action everything I believe is best for us creative warriors.

To add even more dimension, as one half of The Raspyni Brothers, they were the opening act for comedian Robin Williams for six years. The loss of Robin Williams has had a huge impact on the world and Barry opens up about a meaningful life lesson he learned from Robin which was very powerful in realizing his own dream.

His ability to be self-reflective and inspiring is truly a gift. Initially inspired to prove his high school counselor wrong and escape a very difficult childhood, he went on not only to live his dream as a world-class juggler but also to be recognized for his out of the box career choice on The Tonight Show, Guinness Book of World Records, the Academy Awards, the King of Spain and at 100s of other events annually worldwide.

Barry is what I would deem a serial entrepreneur. Focusing on impact through passion and not placing limitations on himself! He was so incredibly real and genuine throughout our conversation that I know you will feel (as I did) like you bumped into an old friend that is full of relevant and applicable insights that will result in light-bulb moments.

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Highlights ~ 

  • Recognize the power of you and what it offers the world
  • Lack of choice may be your best option to create and expand from
  • We all have “stories” that keep us small no matter how big we are. Clear your path!
  • Show me one business that is not in show business?
  • The truth behind an excuse
  • Do you know the one thing to rely on when a dark moment crosses your space?(hint- it’s a feeling)
  • How a physical accident moved him to create an alternative business

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