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The message about authenticity has gotten through loud and clear. We know that to be in business today and build real relationships with those we do business with based on trust, we must be authentic. I’m thrilled entrepreneurs and Creative Warriors have embraced this all important message. And now we’re hearing a lot about alter-egos, super powers, and finding our superhero within. Isn’t this a conflict you might be thinking? Be authentic AND have an alter-ego? Well, before everyone gets confused, let’s have a chat about this and set the record straight. (more…)

Suck-it-up and do it, WARRIOR


Do you consider yourself a freelancer? I never have. I’ve considered myself a small business owner, an entrepreneur, but never a freelancer. In fact, I’ll admit to thinking freelancer had a bit of a negative connotation for me. That it meant I would do anything for anyone;  that’s so not true if you want success. Today we have an expert about freelancing who will help us get clear on what it means to be a freelancer and how to prosper. (more…)



Does the thought of managing other people make you uncomfortable? Would you rather just do everything yourself? What if managing people felt right? That it’s about building relationships not just getting results. It is possible to feel like you’re not just winning but in fact winning well. (more…)


What’s your favorite part of summer celebrations? In the U.S., we’re celebrating the 4th of July today. Burgers, bbq’s, and fireworks. Especially the fireworks. Collective oooos and ahhhhs as hundreds of thousands of people look up into the night sky. The sounds of amazement. I’ve been thinking a lot about amazement lately. I think most of us could use a bit more amazement in our lives. Why not? So much in life is amazing. Nature, incredible feats of accomplishment, even a simple everyday moment can be amazing.


The WARRIOR Lioness

Time and again we hear that we should focus on impact more than money. Often easier said than done when you’re in the throws of living. We’re going to explore the concept of focusing on impact more than money, the strategy and missing pieces that might be standing in your way to create the impact you want that will result in your financial success.  (more…)


No one likes a know it all. Don’t we all want to get away from the person at a party that goes on and on about themselves? Don’t be that person as a business. Don’t tell prospective clients about yourself. Compel them, magnetize them, fascinate them. At least at first. Think of it as flirtation. Get their attention. Use your smoothest moves. Then, once interested, you can tell people about yourself. (more…)

WARRIOR of Compassion


Today we’re talking about expectations or more precisely when things don’t turn out as we expected. What our guest calls an Expectation Hangover. Our conversation is full of great takeaways and tangible actions you can all take to meet your goals and fill your soul. (more…)


I’ve always hated the typical business advice “don’t take it personally.” As Creative Warriors it IS personal. We are always trying to do our best. We care deeply about what we create and the outcome we produce. How can we not take that personal? Which is why it’s so challenging when we feel we haven’t done as good a job as we’d like. In this episode, I share my thoughts on what to focus on to do your best job possible, what your “real” job is, and how to handle it when the results aren’t what you hoped for. We all have those moments.

WARRIOR of Patience


Today’s episode is a mind-opening conversation proving that anything is possible. If you’ve ever thought that’s not going to work in my industry or, sure, maybe for someone else but not me, think again. Our guest has achieved phenomenal success in an easily overlooked industry and proves anything is possible with determination, a system and a willingness to consider new ideas. (more…)