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 99 Ways to Market Your Art from Copyblogger

Creative Ways to Expand Your Market and Brand Awareness from SmallBizTrends

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Coaching Business from TrainingPeaks

Lady Gaga: The Anti-Niche. An article I wrote for Huffington Post.




Are you looking to increase your productivity? Jeffrey Hayzlett shares 4 tools that will help you as an entrepreneur.

Looking to Become a Confident, Independent, and Wise Decision-Maker? Learn how from Conversation Agent

Can’t Keep Up? Creative Solutions to Overcome Overwhelm. An article I wrote for HuffPost


Time Management


Have you tried these 8 time-tested task management methods from Zapier?

Do you follow the schedule other successful people follow every day? Learn what system science says allows us to be most productive and MORE


Self- Development


As an entrepreneur, do you get frustrated at being stuck? Learn how to become unstuck from Entrepreneur

Are you looking to be the kind of leader people line up to follow? Here are 15 ways from The Daily Muse.

Are you looking to improve yourself? Here are 42 ways to do so from Lifehack

Are you looking to create your own luck? Try meeting more people, try more and expand your boundaries. Learn more from Dharmesh Shah: Founder and CTO at HubSpot.

Success won’t happen unless you’re willing to sacrifice and suffer. How you respond to failure determines your success. Discover your greatness in this Entrepreneur artice.

Leverage Your Lack of Focus To Your Greatest Advantage. My article for HuffPost.

The #1 Way to Answer the Big Questions — What’s My Purpose? Who Am I? What Am I Meant to Do? An article I wrote for HuffPost.




13 Exercises for Photographers That Will Help Jump-Start Creativity

5 Ways To Check Your Ego and Be A Better Creative

Five Tips to Unleashing Creativity

Six examples of creative entrepreneurs who have diversified to succeed. Great article! Making It

This article pretty much explains it all. How the creative brain works. 20 Things Only Highly Creative People Would Understand.




15 Motivational Posters to Kickstart Your Creativity from My Modern Met.

21 Ways to Get Inspired Infographic from Entrepreneur Magazine




 It’s not about having all the answers – it’s about asking the right questions. Are you asking the right ones? Here are 10 from TAG

Measure Impact More Than Money. My HuffPost article.

Life Can Turn on a Dime. An article I wrote for HuffPost.

Funny and very relatable for Introverts. 12 Illustrations That Are All Too Real For Introverts.

Are You Uncomfortable With Sales? An article I wrote for HufPost. Do You Appear Salesy or Committed?