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Most companies shy away from social media, because they are afraid of complaints. They are worried an online presence will give opportunity for their brand to be tarnished by trolls and people who just want to complain about things. However, social media is a great place to engage customers. Using these outlets gives your consumers a voice that they want heard.

Instead of making them bottle up their anger about your product, discuss it with them. By listening to your customers and showing empathy, you can quickly turn those angry posts into positive ones. It’s much easier to turn someone into an advocate of your brand who helps bring more positive attention to your products than you think.

On this episode of the Creative Warriors Podcast we are joined by Dan Gingiss, author of Winning at Social Media Customer Care. He explains what both major and small companies are doing wrong online, and how you can use the digital age to win over millennials.

Download this episode today and see how you can use social media correctly to build a loyal customer base and turn complaints into praise.


“I look at complainers as a huge opportunity.” -Dan Gingiss

Highlights –

  • Social media is the only way consumers get to talk back to advertisers.
  • You want customer service to engage consumers in social media – not social media experts.
  • People share on social media if their expectations are met or not.
  • Companies should embrace complaints, not shy away from them.
  • There is a level of engagement that can be used to create off-line experiences with customers.
  • Caring for customers is what will create customers for life.
  • Most companies forget about the social part of social media.
  • Bots can be useful, but they should not replace the human experience.
  • Technology is moving into human assist, not human replacement.
  • Even small businesses should have at least on person monitoring the major channels.

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