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Which best describes your worldview? Life is…

“What you make of it”  OR  what is happening to you?

I had a thought provoking conversation today that I believe you will find very energizing! The conversation was with a very insightful business entrepreneur that I can only term as elevated.

We discussed work-life balance, the importance of clearing space to effectively create, and how diversifying one’s business habits is just what is needed to give you the freedom to live your ideal life.

Nathan Holritz is an accomplished wedding photographer, creator of Photographers Edit service and the brain child of www.ihavealife.com, a movement of sorts that empathizes with the imbalance in our lives. Providing peer recognition, tips and resources to gain freedom and increase choice.

What struck me most about our conversation was Nathan’s transparency. He has passion, discipline and willingness to embrace “the journey” toward a life of his choice. And that my friends is a beautiful thing!

Highlights ~ 

  • Beyond work-life balance 
  • Minimize the moving parts to create greater efficiency
  • The difference between balance and freedom
  • How to kick being reactive to the curb and become more proactive
  • A key method to manage “the noise” out there!


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  • Kevin Swan- An Entrepreneur Putting Family First says:

    […] Unassuming lifestyle entrepreneur Kevin Swan joins us today to discuss his latest “project”–family airstreaming. This ex-marketing professional, current day photographer, and portrait album manufacturer has been “stair stepping” his way to a family centric life with a life quest road trip across the country in an Airstream trailer. If you’ve listened to our previous podcast with Chris Guillibeau, you know a thing or two about quests. I was introduced to Kevin by Nathan Holritz from I Have a Life blog whose specialty is work/life balance. That would also be a good podcast to listen to for support on priorities and balance- Have a listen. […]

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