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Brett Relander talks about Google+

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Sometimes you sit down to have a chat with someone who has done some pretty impressive things, like gaining 90,000 followers on twitter in short order or 4,000 fans on G+ in 5 months and you ask yourself,  how? What exactly does someone do to inspire this level of interest?

There is no doubt in my mind that Google+ is an emerging trend. There’s been some controversy and those that think Google+ isn’t here to stay. You’ll hear first hand from social media expert Brett Relander with no uncertainty that Google+ is a must if you want to be relevant in today’s world of social media. Like all social media platforms it’s best if you can be an early adapter which is why I’m bringing this podcast to you now. Google+ has been around for a while but it’s not until now that it’s gaining ground. It may be because of changes in facebook’s platform that have frustrated some or that Google Hangouts has finally really caught on. As an entrepreneur now is the time to be involved. I think there are particularly good applications for creative entrepreneurs.

Brett Relander found his joy and passion in social media marketing by what some might say is “by chance” I think it’s pretty clear it was from passion. Passion that is beyond the act of being a social media expert in and of itself. Brett is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur.com and Socialmediatoday.com. He has become a power influencer in social and mobile media markets and is a digital marketing media consultant.

You can read more about Brett here. However, what I found fascinating about our conversation is how Brett’s actions are so impact driven. It’s not just about him leveraging social media or even just helping you to do the same. If anything, its about how the technology can best serve us all and have the most impact on our lives.

He is certainly proof that when you put effort into your processes and focus on the impact you can provide every day, real sustainable results occur.

Highlights ~ 

  • 7 tips to jump start your Google+ presence
  • What are social signals?
  • Google air verse google hangout 
  • Do you have a social media plan? Have you looked at it lately?
  • Your social media plan is not static, or is it? 

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