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To remain competitive, every person needs to act more creatively. The good news is that everyone can be creative in their own way, using their natural strengths and personal style. It doesn’t require that all the stars in the sky align. Instead a better understanding of your personality type can unlock your personal creative style and power. David Goldstein believes the more you understand your creative style and creative personality, the more you can be MORE of who you already are.

David Goldstein and co-author Otto Kroeger released “Creative You: Using Your Personality Type To Thrive” in 2013. It is full of insights and genuinely excellent information that I knew would completely resonate with the Creative Warrior community.

David is a management consultant, speaker and the originator of the “creative-type” concept. He is a researcher with a science background and an M.B.A. in Management of Science, Technology and Innovation, who uncharacteristically is also an internationally recognized artist.

David’s work is very affirming. By answering four easy questions, you can learn more about yourself. This is an abbreviated method of understanding your creative personality type that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how you prefer to: Focus your energy, Gather information, Make decisions, and Interact with the world.


Highlights –

  • Understanding the creative personality type
  • Using your own personal style of creativity to innovate
  • The one thing that can never be outsourced
  • Best work comes from our preferences
  • Myth of the lone creator

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