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Words create worlds. It’s true in how we speak to others and how we speak to OURSELVES as in self talk. If you are feeling like some of the “tape” running in your head is not serving you or your communications are just not landing with customers, you’ll find this podcast episode particularly interesting.

We get to decide how we use language to improve our self talk and communication overall in order to move toward what we want. This episode is a double header in the sense that it covers both how we can improve our own self talk and how we can improve our communication in the world.

Denise Martin is a master communications specialist that offers sales workshops and trainings, including business communication skills, copywriting, and creating effective and persuasive online marketing for nonprofits, organizations and individuals by leveraging cognitive psychology + linguistics skills.

This episode is loaded with insights and practical tips about improving your communication skills. Like understanding where you are in a client relationship. How to create effective sales pages. And email tips that are sure to improve your effectiveness and responses!

Highlights ~

  • 5 stages of a relationship cycle
  • Thoughts on Affirmations
  • Language as a visual expression
  • The science behind smart writing
  • Branding is deeper than customer demographics

Resources ~

Offers and Gratitudes ~

Denise is generously offering her free eGuide ““Know Your PERSONALITY Type – How To Interact With Yourself the Way You Are.” Check out Creative Warriors Offers Page where you can grab Denise’s offer as well as check out the free gifts from previous guests.

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