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Greg Taylor

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with Greg Taylor. Greg is a marketing and WordPress expert. WordPress of course is the platform of so many of our websites, blogs, etc. He has a world of knowledge and resources he shares throughout our conversation.

Greg decided to pursue his passion for WordPress development and content marketing by starting his own company. He had a simple and powerful idea. What if online sites looked great and also achieved superior results? Business owners could find the best of both worlds in one company and  MarketingPress was born.

Greg has also become well-known in the WordPress community as a speaker and teacher. He has presented at several conferences (including TechPHX, WordCamp LA, WordCamp Phoenix, and WordCamp Vegas).

What I found fascinating about our conversation is Greg’s attention to the “user experience”. He clearly gets that in order to develop successful long term business relationships you must simplify the process and co-create something that works for all. His business approach has been about team building and collaboration with other like-minded individuals. Greg and I coined the phrase “be a solopreneur no more” with this idea in mind. This is something every small business owner and entrepreneur needs to keep in mind to be successful today.

He is certainly some distance from the day when he started his business with $500, a laptop, a skill set and an action packed dream!

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Highlights ~

  • Know your value and be comfortable with it
    2 of the most used word press plugins by Market Press
    What true collaborator’s really offer and how you can find them
    Paralysis by analysis
    Why your social media plan should be based on your audience

Resources ~

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