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Have you been ending your days going, “Wow what have I done today?” or “I didn’t get nearly everything I wanted to done. Chances are you’ve fallen into the multitasking trap, and spent  a lot of your time and energy on content switching.

Let me put it in a way that might make more sense to you. Think about how much time you spent on your phone going from app to app:

  1. You’re looking at one app and realize you need to do something else.
  2. You close down the first app
  3. You search for the second app.
  4. The second app has to load.
  5. As you look at the second app you realize you needed information from the first app.
  6. You close the second app.
  7. You find the first app.
  8. You load the first app.
  9. You get the information you need.
  10. You close the first app.
  11. You look for the second app again.
  12. The second app loads back up.
  13. You put in the information you need.

That’s a lot of steps, and a lot of time spent to do something very simple. Your brain has to go through that same process when you try to multitask. It takes time to reset, and get the process going. So, every time you check Facebook, a text message, have to send another email your time is being spent in a less than productive manner.

But there’s great news, Warriors! With technology growing there’s ways to have a platform and system easily set in place that can allow you to focus on what you need to get done. The goal of everyday should be to look back on what you’ve done and feel like you’ve won the day.

On this episode of Creative Warriors we are joined by Donovan Janus, the CEO of 17Hats. Donovan has worked with business’ of one or few his entire life. While most companies think this market is too small, he sees the importance of supporting our community. He’s dedicated himself to helping people like us Creative Warriors and come up with ways to allow us to focus on what we need to. So download this episode today and learn how you can win today!


“Multitasking is unnecessary and expensive.” -Donovan Janus

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Highlights –

  • Focus on one thing at a time and you’ll become much more productive.
  • Content switching is what happens when you try to multitask.
  • You lose 20% of hour day due to content switching.
  • Your brain needs time to recalibrate.
  • Putting automation in place will create a win-win-win.
  • Everyone needs a platform or system to be their boss.
  • Follow-up will show your clients how efficient you are.
  • Develop a proper process to put into place.
  • We all have a craving to socialize, make room for it.
  • Make your wording very simple.

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  • 12 Must-Have Mindsets for Uncommon Entrepreneurs! A FREE tool for Creative Warriors to help you get clear on the ways you need to think differently to get the results you want. We’ve been handed a whole bunch of malarky about who we are and how business works that simply doesn’t work for us. It’s time to set it straight! This tool will give you the insights you need to think your way to success as a Creative Warrior and keep you on track.
  • Check out the Creative Warriors RESOURCE page! A collection of the best companies, hand-selected, to help you succeed! You’ll find vendors, services, products, and programs to help you Create, Serve, and Be Prosperous! All these companies have been used and approved by Jeffrey and most are used every day in his business.
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