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Relationship expert Jordan Harbinger

It takes risk, passion, and work to build trusting, high value relationships. The kind that last a lifetime and have all the benefits from the effort both parties put in. It’s been proven time and again that “fortune favors the bold” in both business and personal relationships, which we discuss in this episode.

Jordan Harbinger is an ex-lawyer turned entrepreneur. Before all that, he traveled the world, was kidnapped twice, and believes he’s still here because of his ability to talk his way in or out of just about any situation. His business, the Art of Charm, helps develop social influence and interpersonal dynamics in all types of relationships.    

We had a very lively conversation about the similarities between a dating and business relationship. The reality is that developing a valuable relationship uses many of the same techniques we enlist to find the perfect mate or your ideal long term clients. In business, as in our personal lives, we want strong long term committed partnerships that can withstand the many tests of time. There is no trick or gimmick to accomplishing this. It starts with personal effort and creative business ideas.

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Highlights ~

  • Working hard verse working bold
  • Personal and professional high value relationships
  • Being someone you are not is a losing strategy
  • Your communication and networking skills trumps your “product” 24/7
  • It’s our choice to support or deny our rationalized “I shouldn’t have” & “I can’t behaviors”

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