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WARRIOR of Curiosity


There’s branding, and then there’s branding with a twist! Find out how to get your brand to stand out in a competitive market. Take off your brand blinders and leave “me too” marketing behind. Today’s episode is full of tremendous insight and is followed by a fantastic opportunity by a truly gifted brand expert.

Julie Cottineau honed her branding chops at a series of high-level client and agency positions including Richard Branson’s Virgin Management, Grey Global and Interbrand. She is the founder and CEO of BrandTwist brand consultancy and the dean and creator of Brand School by BrandTwist a unique and actionable online branding class for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits.

Her own life has been full of magical TWISTS that have led her to reside in Westchester NY with her husband and two wonderful children. She is the author the best-selling book Twist: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands and is a highly rated keynote speaker and a global authority on impactful and effective branding.

WARRIOR of Curiosity

“The number one competitor for our businesses is apathy.”
-Julie Cottineau

Highlights –

  • Your brand is your business
  • Taking off your brand Blinders
  • 3 Pillars to create lasting impact
  • Leveraging industries outside your category
  • The importance of a Brand Audit

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