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Entrepreneur Kevin Swan

Entrepreneur Kevin Swan

Unassuming lifestyle entrepreneur Kevin Swan joins us today to discuss his latest “project”–family airstreaming. This ex-marketing professional, current day photographer, and portrait album manufacturer has been “stair stepping” his way to a family centric life with a life quest road trip across the country in an Airstream trailer. If you’ve listened to our previous podcast with Chris Guillibeau, you know a thing or two about quests. I was introduced to Kevin by Nathan Holritz from I Have a Life blog whose specialty is work/life balance. That would also be a good podcast to listen to for support on priorities and balance- Have a listen.

We had an interesting conversation that brought up the value of taking action even when things aren’t perfect, learning to trust in oneself, and decision making. Kevin has embraced the concept that time is what we actually have and how we chose to spend it dictates the quality of our life. 

Today’s episode is not specifically about airstream dreaming. It is about making decisions and acting on them. It’s about kicking fear to the curb and trusting that you can solve any problem that arises. Ultimately it’s about courage, trust and willpower. Three qualities each and every Creative Warrior must embrace everyday.

I’m thrilled Kevin had the ability to find a signal long enough to share some insights.

Highlights ~

  • The importance of self trust.
  • Why don’t people start things? 
  • Use the “important list” to prioritize
  • What is fear of failure really about?
  • What’s really relevant to you?

Resources ~

Kevin’s blog about his Airstream adventure 

Kevin on Facebook 

Book– The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Offers and Gratitude ~

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  • inspireandacquire says:

    I have to say, I don’t know if I could do what Kevin has done but I sure admire him for putting his family first. Especially in a society where it seems so many people put themselves first (and hey, we know that doesn’t work long-term for a successful, happy life). Thanks for this great podcast Jeffrey!

  • jeffreyshaw says:

    I agree, Annette, hard to do. A bold move for sure on Kevin’s part. Maybe it’s the people I meet through Creative Warriors but I seem to meet more and more people doing similar life changing things. The closest I get currently is watching International House Hunters on HGTV and imagining what it would be like to pick up and move to another country. Someday perhaps……

  • robbin manuel says:

    great blog
    enjoyed the inspiration it gave me today.

  • jeffreyshaw says:

    Great, Robbin! Glad it served you well today. It’s always great to hear from you:)

  • Crystal Nadeau says:

    This is an excellent conversation! I too, am a full time RVer. It was a huge step to start and now, 2 years later, I’m selling my house! Thank you for this conversation!

  • jeffreyshaw says:

    It seems to be a new trend to be address independent. I know so many people spreading their wings instead of laying down roots. I told my kids I will know if I lived my life well if they have no idea where to bury me because I’m not associated with one place. The only constant will be the ocean so spread my ashes there!

  • Kevin Swan: Putting Family First - KISS University says:

    […] Kevin Swan is back in Indiana. After half a year trekking around America with his family in an Airstream, he is back at home, back in the office, with his feet planted firmly on the ground. It was a good trip; long and far and wonderful and hard and totally worth it. This seems like as good a time as any to look back at mid-trip a conversation Kevin had with Jeffrey Shaw on the Creative Warrior Podcast. […]

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