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Is it possible to change your life by changing your passwords? Yes, you read that right. Your passwords. The ones you use dozens of times a day to access everything. Today’s guest knows first hand that it certainly is! He has used them to heal from loss, achieve his goals and chart a completely different direction for his life!

I recently came across an article in Huffington Post by Mauricio Estrella about how he has used this practice of passwords as a daily mantra. I posted it on my facebook page and people went crazy. I received countless emails and comments. So I decided to track down the author to gain a better understanding of how this simple and powerful practice came about. I found Mauricio in Shanghai.

Mauricio was kind enough to manage the time difference between Shanghai and New York to share his thoughts. Like all of the people we have on Creative Warriors, Mauricio has something unique to offer the creative entrepreneur. A fresh perspective that makes you think. Unlike most though he is not an author, speaker, coach or a professional spokesperson that is sharing a specific concept from his chosen field which is design.

He’s what I would describe as a seeker. Mauricio just wanted to share a process that has altered his life for the better and wanted to see if it might also serve others. And it has! His article went viral even before it was reposted by the Huffington Post, the Daily Mail, etc.

I really appreciated Mauricio’s attraction to “things he doesn’t understand” and his willingness to share a simple, powerful practice that he uncovered on his path toward happiness.

Listen in and definitely consider using your passwords as a daily mantra to change your life in whatever way you desire.

Highlights ~ 

  • How using an obvious task to your advantage
  • The written “word” has more power than you think!
  • Your goals are achieved by taking steps not focusing on the rewards 
  • The power of holding intention
  • Positive verses negative affirmations 


Mauricio on twitter

Huffington Post article

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