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Michael Port on Public Speaking

Michael Port on Public Speaking

Talk about doing what you’re meant to do. Sometimes it can be easy to overlook the obvious. While Michael Port is a 5 time author, international keynote speaker, trainer and business coach, he is also an experienced actor having appeared on Sex and the City and virtually every television network. He’s also done thousands of voice-overs. Doesn’t it make perfect sense then, as an actor, that he would train others on public speaking?

Mind you, as a speaker myself, I can say that being a great public speaker is not about putting on an act. However, it is a performance. And most importantly, to be an authentic speaker you have to dig deep inside yourself to find the bravery to be authentic in the face of nervousness, insecurity and challenge. These are skills actors are trained in to find the best performance inside themselves. That’s why it makes so much sense for an actor to train others to be effective public speakers.

Michael is so fired up about his latest endeavor “Heroic Public Speaking” that I truly think we could have gone on for hours. It is absolutely thrilling to be in the presence of someone who is really hitting their stride with the work they are perfectly suited to do.

What is clear is that the culmination of his work, training and life experiences have lead him to this work.

Michael’s “Heroic Public Speaking” immersion program is all about offering the tools that really make a difference. As a conference attendee and speaker I can say without a doubt, thank you; this work is appreciated!

Highlights ~ 

  • Heroic public speaking defined
  • The value of transparency and vulnerability
  • Why avoiding the script and embracing the moment matters
  • 2 practices to keep your speaking sharp
  • The 4 key elements of this immersion program

Resources ~

Offers and Gratitude ~

Michael is offering his “50 Speaking Tips” eGuide. Check out Creative Warriors Offers Page where you can grab Michael’s offer as well as check out the free gifts from previous guests.

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