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What sucks in your world could very well be your opportunity for innovative ideas, solve a problem and create something that is as unique as you are. I spoke with serial lifestyle entrepreneur Miki Agrawal who says all of her businesses have revolved around solving a problem that sucked to her as well as for a lot of other people and were issues she could be passionate about for the long haul.

She opened up about her #1 Amazon bestselling book, “Do Cool Sh*t”, her alternative farm-to-table pizza concept called WILD, and her current undertaking THINX, a high-tech underwear solution for women during “that time of the month” along with her work to get millions of girls back to school in developing nations. 

Deep breath… or whoosh depending on your endurance.

Miki is a real force of nature. She was a recipient of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival’s “Disruptive Innovation Award” and named 2013’s Forbes’ “Top 20 Millennial On a Mission.” She also partnered with Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh to open and since sell her her alternative pizza concept in Downtown Las Vegas. Miki is also a partner in Super Sprowtz, a children’s media company to get kids to eat more vegetables.

Miki has found her voice and is unapologetically sharing it with the world. She is a natural problem solver with a desire to make impactful changes. As Miki puts it, “we live in a society that was created by people just like you and I.” Clearly Miki understands that she, like all of us, can create “the” future when we take action.

Bravo Miki!

Highlights ~

  • Better to stray from the pack
  • Be innovative. Don’t just recreate
  • The value of letting go
  • Are you making pivotal decisions?
  • How to make your own luck

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