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It doesn’t get much more exciting than this for me! Launching my Creative Warriors series of business podcasts with one of the people I most admire! I truly believe Sally is doing some of the best work out there in the world of personal development and growth. I love how applicable this work is for marketing and business. All the stuff that is important for my audience of creative entrepreneurs.

So why is my podcast called Creative Warriors? Because I believe when you are in business doing what you feel you are meant to do, purpose-driven, and wanting to make a difference in the world, being in business is a complete act of bravery. It takes the spirit of a warrior. Not a fighter. A warrior. A brave soul willing to take a stand for what they believe in. It takes strength, focus and balance. For any fellow yogis out there, you know exactly what I mean. It’s an inner strength. Through this podcast, I intend on building a massive community of Creative Warriors–bound together with a common intention to create with passion, serve with all our might and to be prosperous. I hope you’ll join us every week to gain the wisdom of the amazing guests I will be gathering.

Sally Hogshead

Recently, I had the complete pleasure of speaking with the published author, speaker hall of fame inductee and creator of Fascination Advantage® Assessment. Sally is living proof that to add the greatest value you can, simply become more of yourself!

Can understanding what other people find fascinating about you change your life? It sure can! It can create clarity, help you develop a unique sustainable business and provide a roadmap that is easy to use.

While Sally has a remarkable bio that you can read here what I most want to bring to light is that her unique work is truly life altering. Not only is it “fascinating” to me, it has applications that will rock your world. I believe Sally is paving the way for a movement that in my humble opinion can revolutionize the way we communicate.

Highlights ~ 

  • Don’t change who you are. Become more of who you are!
  • Learn what others really find fascinating about you!
  • Why measuring personality through branding offers clarity and relevant benefits to everyone.
  • How the world sees you is ultimately a roadmap to adding true value that will be well received.
  • You are more likely to succeed when you know how the world sees you and you embrace it.

Resources ~

Sally’s Book- “How the World Sees You”

Sally on twitter

Sally on facebook

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