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We have a guest as close to Santa Claus himself as we can ever get. Year after year his creations inspire all the wonder, the joy, the childlike spirit, that is this time of year. It was a privilege and honor to get a glimpse into the creative process and passionate inner workings of Paul Busse– the award-winning creative genius of Applied Imagination. Be sure to check out the photos below!

Paul and his creative team are behind one of New York City’s top 5 holiday attractions: the Holiday Train Show at The NY Botanical Garden. As well as numerous landscape model train exhibits across the United States. Once you’ve seen a masterpiece by Applied Imagination, combining model trains meandering through landscaped forests and cityscapes, crossing bridges towering overhead, passing by replicas of famous landmark buildings, all created with all natural materials, this botanical architecture is something you will never forget.

Paul is retired now, but remains creatively involved, and the driving force of Applied Imagination lives on through it’s enthusiastic, artistic crew.

train show background

Happy Holidays!

May your New Year be filled with
memorable moments and abundance

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