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Portrait Photographer Lori Nordstrom

Portrait Photographer Lori Nordstrom

I had the opportunity to speak with Photographer Lori Nordstrom recently about her business, the charity she started and her overall thoughts on being a successful entrepreneur. It was a lively and transparent conversation that offered some great insights. To know Lori is to love and admire her. I think this interview gives us the most personal look inside to fully understand what makes this successful entrepreneur tick.

Lori is truly the driving force behind her success. It is no wonder that she is one of the leading voices in the photography industry. I found her to be full of gratefulness, focus and determination. The one word that comes to mind when reviewing our talk was ownership. She completely owns her destiny and that truly made me smile.

Successful portrait photographer, photography biz educator, speaker and humanitarian, Lori is certainly a lifestyle entrepreneur that has cleared the stuff away in her path to create the life she wants. 

One of the insights from our chat that really resonated with me that came from her experience with her charity was “Everyones starting point may be different. Having hopes and dreams are not.” I couldn’t agree more Lori!

Highlights ~  

  • Why who you surround yourself with is important
  • The impact of being grateful
  • Thoughts on being a successful entrepreneur
  • Selling as a service
  • “being good at business is the best art.” A. Warhol
  • Thoughts on gum, yes the kind you chew!

Resources ~

Lori’s website 

Lori on twitter 


PhotoTalk on facebook

Lori’s charity Dando Amor 

Offers and Gratitude ~

Pick up Lori’s generous offer for an awesome Smart Goal Worksheet and Daily To-Do List on Creative Warriors FREE Offerings page! You call also peruse through the amazing gifts from all previous guests.