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A new Era of Time Management with Rory Vaden

A new Era of Time Management with Rory Vaden

Does the idea of being able to multiply time sound too good to be true? Rory Vaden’s new book, “Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time” will prove otherwise. In it he profiles some of the most successful people on the planet now being called Multipliers and the book explodes the fallacy of finite time. 

The research from him and his team at the Center for the Study of Self-Discipline revealed that high performing people today think very differently about time compared to most people.  To a Multiplier, long gone are the days of the same old tired time management strategies of calendars, checklists, to do lists and prioritizing. Multipliers don’t make decisions based on importance or urgency but rather on significance. They know that how we choose to spend our time isn’t just logical but also emotional. And they’ve ushered in a new era of time management theory, which isn’t just about creating more time; they’ve figured out how to Multiply time.

Rory Vaden, MBA speaks to audiences around the globe about how they can leverage self-discipline to achieve their goals. He has been featured on Fox and Friends, Oprah radio, CNN and in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc, Success Magazine and many other media outlets. His articles and insights average more than 4 million views every month and he is the weekly host of “Daily Discipline with Rory Vaden” podcast.

Rory’s new book and spending time with him was life changing. I immediately implemented several practices because yes, I want to be a time multiplier!

Highlights ~ 

  • The Focus Funnel method to multiply time
  • Balance does not mean equal
  • You have permission to be imperfect
  • Are you a worry wart or gun slinger?
  • What is means to procrastinate on purpose

Resources ~

Offers and Gratitude ~

Rory is offering a free Training Webinar on “Procrastinate on Purpose.” Check out Creative Warriors Offers Page where you can grab Rory’s offer as well as check out the free gifts from previous guests.

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