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What can we gain from losing? Some of you might say nothing, but hold your horses! How can we truly learn to see the positive in losing? Is it even possible for those of us who consider ourselves to be extremely competitive? There are some real benefits to losing, and since it is an inevitable piece of life, we might as well learn how to win at losing! How though? Don’t worry, we have the inside scoop, thanks to Sam Weinman.

Sam Weinman joins us today to discuss his latest book “Win at Losing,” and how to find the positive in losing. Sam has been awarded with multiple first place awards in the Associated Press Sports Editors and Golf Writers Association. Impressive!


“When we can see that there is an upside, even in failure, we are removing fear from the equation.” -Sam Weinman

Highlights –

  • We are limited by the fear of failure and being unsuccessful.
  • The difference between losing and failing is this: losing is a fact, failure is an interpretation.
  • People who are competitive, understand that losing is part of the deal.
  • Having experience with losing is ultimately very valuable.
  • Have a plan for when things don’t go right.
  • The better prepared you are for failure, the better chance you have at adapting and pivoting.
  • Be “work committed” but don’t be attached to the outcome.
  • Look at challenges in a more productive way!

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