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There is no change that is completely free of risk. In fact, I would say that change without some level of risk is not really change at all. It’s window dressing. I had an interesting conversation about finding ways to increase your value in an ever-changing world with change management expert Scott Steinberg, author of “Make Change Work For You.”

Scott is among today’s most-quoted keynote speakers and trend experts, as seen by over one billion people worldwide through over 600+ outlets. He has a track record for accurately predicting business, consumer, and technology trends that have made him a mainstream media fixture.

Scott is a best selling author, a celebrated professional speaker, futurist, and strategic consultant. He’s been a syndicated columnist on change and innovation for numerous outlets ranging from Fast Company, Inc., and Entrepreneur to Rolling Stone and The Huffington Post

I am always thrilled when I get to share how someone is taking a courageous stand, investing in their future and committed to increasing their value for others. In other words, creating their own path.

Highlights ~

  • If you’re still doing it the same way, it’s probably wrong
  • Nobody is without fear
  • Diversity provides maximum flexibility
  • Generation Flux is ageless and universal
  • Are you a T shaped individual?

Resources ~

Offers and Gratitude ~Scott is offering “101 Ways To Make Better Business Decisions”. Check out Creative Warriors Offers Page where you can grab Scott’s offer as well as check out the free gifts from previous guests.

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