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There is nothing admirable about being the best kept secret and having minimal impact because your message isn’t getting through to your ideal client according to Sean D’Souza.

Why do some customers buy—and more importantly what causes them to hesitate? That’s what Sean D’Souza spends most of his time digging into. And it’s this deep understanding of what causes customers to buy and keep coming back, that has created an enviable life for Sean. He works nine months in a year, and takes three months off every year. Yes every year.

Sean is a cartoonist turned human nature expert. His concepts are on spot, deeply steeped in research and more than practical, they are exceptional. Sean is the Chief Brain Auditor of Psychotactics and the author of The Brain Audit. He lives in New Zealand with his wife and 64 million sheep. This episode is full of lively insights and practical direction. Relish it!

Highlights –

  • The conveyor belt concept
  • 7 Steps that will change your perspective, period
  • The difference between soliciting a person and a target market
  • How sequencing your communication adds value
  • Why a polarizing stand is better than none at all

Resources –

Gifts and Gratitudes –

Sean is generously offering “Why Customers Buy and Why They Don’t” newsletter, “How To Win Resistance Game” booklet and videos on Uniqueness. Check out Creative Warriors Offers Page where you can grab Sean’s offer as well as check out the free gifts from previous guests.

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