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One thing I truly believe creatives struggle with is feeling like a sleazy salesman. We want to focus on our craft and become hesitant about the business development side of what we do. Most of the time that means selling ourselves short, and not getting the respect we deserve for our hard work. Luckily, the solution isn’t too tough. You really need to just shift your mindset and realize that selling isn’t bad. 

We actually sell in order to help other people. By focusing on the business development side, that means really taking the time to listen to what your customers want. This feedback will help you to deliver exactly what the customer wants and needs – allowing you to focus in on your craft. This all sounds, very simple and innocent – right? Well, this process is called “making a sale”. It’s just the beginning of your business development journey.

To dive more into the mindset you need to have to really grow your business I’ve brought in a wonderful guest and author of The Snowball Effect, Mo Bunnel. Mo is a speaker, consultant, and founder and CEO of Bunnell Idea Group (BIG). He helps organizations grow by teaching their highest performers how to bring in more clients and more revenue. Over the course of his career, he’s worked in nearly every area of business development and used this knowledge and experience to build the GrowBIG business development system, resulting from years of testing and peer-reviewed research into why people buy and what makes the buying process happen faster, in greater volume, and with more enjoyment. BIG has now certified over 100 professionals as licensed GrowBIG trainers who have trained tens of thousands of professionals around the world, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, including Aetna, American Express, and Sotheby’s.

He was kind enough to lend us his time today to dive into how creatives can scale out their business, and finally earn the money they deserve for their craft.

Download this episode today to hear all about his business development strategies.


“Think big, start small, and scale up.” – Mo Bunnell

Highlights –

  • Master the art of growth.
  • If business development is a priority you will naturally improve at your craft.
  • Avoid starting too big too soon.
  • Try to use “whole-brain thinking”.
  • Figure out your theme of growth.
  • Positioning done right means you’ll never have to hustle for leads again.
  • People remember claims for your products and services in threes.
  • We spend more and negotiate less with people we like.
  • People need to hear from you frequent enough.
  • Have the mindset that selling is helping.

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