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We often blame outside sources for our own shortcomings. Some people blame money, others blame the economy, but very few are willing to accept responsibility. In the end, not looking internally to find the problems means you’ll never be able to find a proper solution. This is commonly the reason many businesses and entrepreneurs fail. There’s a level of pride and ego that stops you from seeing it as your fault.

This same exact mindset is commonly seen when people need to survive, because that’s exactly what a business needs to do – survive. When things start to go wrong, and they always will, people tend to panic. Some entrepreneurs begin to run around in circles, while others freeze and give up. If you really want your business to survive, you need to think like you are out in the woods after a plane crash. Always analyze what’s going on around you, be ready for what could go wrong, and don’t be afraid to stop and think.

On this episode of Creative Warriors podcast we are joined by Jonathan David Lewis, author of the incredibly unique book Brand vs Wild. He explains ways to shift your mindset to see your business continue to be successful and not get eaten by this wild and crazy world.

Download this episode today and start looking at what you can do to be ready for when things inevitably start to take a turn in your business.


“Without your bearings, you WILL walk in circles.” -Jonathan David Lewis

Highlights –

  • There’s little difference between someone trying to survive in the wild and business men trying to tackle something in a board room.
  • Always look outside your industry for inspiration.
  • A lot of brands push off responsibility and blame other things, like the economy.
  • Survival comes from internal forces, not external.
  • Pride is death in the wilderness, and in business.
  • The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that whatever made us successful will continue to make us successful.
  • Innovate and change when you are at your peak, not when you’ve passed it.
  • You need to worry about navigating the risk, not reduce the risk.
  • We are in a sharing economy.

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