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Happy holidays to all of you! It is the season of giving, and often that means giving gifts. We are so fortunate today to speak with a master gift giver. John Ruhlin not only captures the spirit of generosity, and reciprocity in his gift giving, but also giftology, as an effective business strategy to express appreciation to those you do business with, and to open doors for future opportunities.



Being a creative warrior and an entrepreneur takes bravery. If you weren’t courageous you wouldn’t have taken the leap to where you are today. But courage is also an ongoing action. To live our best lives we need to be always challenging and pushing at our comfort zone.


WARRIOR of The Present Moment

As creative warriors, our challenges in staying focused are well documented. We chase a lot of squirrels as we like to say. So what’s the difference then, between being focused, and being fully engaged? And how can we, with practice, train our minds to be our most productive? Let’s find out!


WARRIOR of Spirit

Ask almost anyone what their greatest obstacle is, and they are likely to say themselves. What we can learn, and you can learn to do so in this episode, is to get to yes within yourself. To let go of the inner battle, look at your most worthy opponent in the eye, which is yourself, and negotiate a win/win deal.


WARRIOR of Compassion & Curiosity

How would you like to have a business where people are lining up at your door to get in? Where the demand is far greater than the supply. Apple creates this frenzy every time they create a new product. Is it that it’s really the best product? Or are they masters at creating a buzz? As you’ll learn today, being in demand, over subscribed as Daniel calls it, is a strategy. A strategy that you can employ so people are knocking down your door too.


WARRIOR of Confidence


I know entrepreneurs and small businesses get the idea that we must create great experiences for our customers. That’s what a customer is paying for is the overall experience. But how many of us are doing anything more that what our customers expect? Does meeting the minimum expectation, maintain or grow a business? Today we’re going to dive into what it really means to create an exceptional customer experience. (more…)

WARRIOR of Nothing to Lose


We all know in business that it takes more than one thing to be successful. But, if I had to say that there was one magic key or thing that everything else is built on, it would be knowing what makes you different, unique. This work is primarily what I do with my coaching clients— to help them discover their difference. It’s never been more important to stand out in this very noisy marketing world. (more…)

The WARRIOR Lioness

Time and again we hear that we should focus on impact more than money. Often easier said than done when you’re in the throws of living. We’re going to explore the concept of focusing on impact more than money, the strategy and missing pieces that might be standing in your way to create the impact you want that will result in your financial success.  (more…)

WARRIOR of Curiosity


Often in business, we can find ourselves battling with different advice. We hear one thing works and then we hear the exact opposite. We’re left wondering who to believe. What advice do we follow? Our guest, today in a lot of ways, has a very different perspective on being in business. In many ways, you’ll hear there’s no one right way. (more…)