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WARRIOR of Kick Ass


Do you think of yourself as a writer? In today’s online world we’re all writers. Between emails, social media posts, marketing materials, and content creation we are all writing more than ever before. Learning how to be an effective writer is key. Today we’re joined by one of the world’s leading marketing experts. She sheds light on writing and the future of marketing in one cape crusader kinda swoop! (more…)

Content Marketing Expert Brian Clark

Content Marketing Expert Brian Clark

Having an online “presence” is more than just being online. It’s your platform. A place to be noticed, share, give and receive. A place to get your message out and a place to be found. Not unlike a stage a speaker steps onto, it is your place to shine and communicate your unique gifts. Embracing this platform concept will fundamentally change the way you approach your website and your entire online marketing plan. If you are updating your website or even thinking about it, start by listening to this episode first. (more…)