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“There’s more of an idea shortage then a money shortage.” That can be a hard pill to swallow when you personally are feeling the pinch. Yet it’s hard to argue that fact when there is literally gazillion dollars floating around the universe waiting to be exchanged. Exchanged for high value-based services or products. In other words, creativity is king.  (more…)

A simple process for decision making with Brain Whetten

Ever get caught up making a decision? A big or small decision? Of course you have. We all have. Fear of making the “wrong decision” can cause inaction and missed opportunities. What if you had a practically fool-proof  method for decision making, big and small? Well, now you will!

I am super excited to share insights from my friend, colleague and my OWN coach, Brian Whetten.  (more…)


I had a down to earth conversation with today’s guest about some of the inner workings of successful people. We spoke at length about the workings of creative minds and some of the challenges we all face. More importantly we discussed how to manage our Ferrari mind when we have bicycle brakes.  (more…)