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WARRIOR of Reflection


Do you have too much stuff? Do your home, office and life need to be decluttered, so you can gain time to pursue all the things you as passionate about? I hope today’s episode inspires you to do more with less. And live your life with more freedom and flexibility. (more…)

WARRIOR of Connection


I’m looking forward to an awesome conversation today!

That is what’s considered a power lead. Leading with a powerful and optimistic statement that hopefully made you feel optimistic too. In this episode, you’re going to hear about power leads and many other techniques so that you can live with a positive attitude, influence others and learn to broadcast happiness. (more…)

WARRIOR of Independence


We all know, it’s a noisy world. There is a constant flow of content being created and consumed. You can stand out by tapping into what makes you effective and compelling. You can use your quiet power to separate yourself from all the noise! (more…)