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I get it–no one likes to have their prices challenged. Having been a high-end portrait photographer for 32 years, the most expensive in my area, I got challenged a lot. So I’ve got your back on this topic. Listen in to learn how to respond to the objection and how to avoid it in the first place. This topic was largely inspired by my shaving creme. You have to listen to understand.


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We all know on some level that how we treat others is how we can expect to be treated. This simple truth seems to be often overlooked in business. But this is not about consequences. This is about the power you hold to create just the type of business and life that you want.  (more…)

Lady Trinity WARRIOR


You better believe it! Lady GaGa knows how to build customer loyalty with values and meaning. Beyond her uncommon ability to stand up and stand out, Lady GaGa gets how to step way outside of what is to create something new and exciting consistently. Today we’re talking about how to turn followers into fanatics. (more…)