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Listening WARRIOR


As Creative Warriors, we all strive to be experts in our fields and masters at what we do. Today, we’re talking about the new science and research behind expertise with one of the world’s leading authorities on performance so that you can deliver at your absolute Peak. (more…)



It would be great if we could only do what we love to do in our business. Most of us would agree that’s not realistic, yet it might be exactly what we are doing and the key thing that could change everything! Today we’re discussing The Power To Get Things Done Whether You Feel Like it or Not. (more…)

WARRIOR of Perseverance


As Warriors often do, we’re going to take an opposite approach to the New Year. While everyone is is talking about more goal setting and freshening up their to-do lists for the new year, we are talking about doing less. We have some great advice, practical tips and technology suggestions that will help you do less and live more in 2016. Isn’t that what it’s all about! (more…)

Michael Port on Public Speaking

Michael Port on Public Speaking

Talk about doing what you’re meant to do. Sometimes it can be easy to overlook the obvious. While Michael Port is a 5 time author, international keynote speaker, trainer and business coach, he is also an experienced actor having appeared on Sex and the City and virtually every television network. He’s also done thousands of voice-overs. Doesn’t it make perfect sense then, as an actor, that he would train others on public speaking? (more…)


“YOUR success is not just about changing YOUR habits, it’s about changing the way YOU think.” That quote from Ben may put you on edge or intrigue you and the reality is it should do both! Either way, hopefully it will motivate you to be at your peak performance and in the game 100%. (more…)