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What’s your favorite part of summer celebrations? In the U.S., we’re celebrating the 4th of July today. Burgers, bbq’s, and fireworks. Especially the fireworks. Collective oooos and ahhhhs as hundreds of thousands of people look up into the night sky. The sounds of amazement. I’ve been thinking a lot about amazement lately. I think most of us could use a bit more amazement in our lives. Why not? So much in life is amazing. Nature, incredible feats of accomplishment, even a simple everyday moment can be amazing.



No one likes a know it all. Don’t we all want to get away from the person at a party that goes on and on about themselves? Don’t be that person as a business. Don’t tell prospective clients about yourself. Compel them, magnetize them, fascinate them. At least at first. Think of it as flirtation. Get their attention. Use your smoothest moves. Then, once interested, you can tell people about yourself. (more…)



I often refer to us Creative Warriors as brave souls for putting ourselves on the line every day. Today, we’re talking about being bold. Which got me thinking about the difference between being brave and being bold. I think being bold is bravery with an edge. Courageousness with a bit more confidence. We could serve ourselves and others well as Creative Warriors by adding a bit more boldness to our bravery. (more…)

WARRIOR of Level Up Your Life


At the end of the day, being happy and successful is about owning who you are and making it work for you. Today we’re speaking with the superhero of nerds, AKA: RebelOne, to learn about how to level up your life and bring out the superhero in you. (more…)