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WARRIOR of Youthful Fragility


Embracing your shadow side doesn’t have to be scary or full of anxiety. It can be a creative place where we solve problems and learn how to manage life a bit more efficiently. Where being whole is working with both your light and dark side to step into your strengths. Today we have a fascinating topic and guest to dismantle the universal idea that only positive concepts are of value. (more…)

Mindfulness WARRIOR 


The Good Life means something a little different for everyone. Are some people just more fortunate? Or can we have a strategy to create the good life for ourselves? Today we’re going to explore some key aspects of a good life and along the way offer you specific steps to create your personal version of the good life in this enlightening conversation with the leader of the Good Life Project, Jonathan Fields. (more…)



Life is full of ups and downs. Being an entrepreneur, a small business owner, and putting yourself out in the world in whatever way you do is challenging. It can feel like a roller coaster at times. Getting through it all is what makes you a warrior. Today we’re discussing resilience and the 7-emotional habits that help to get you through the peaks and valleys that we all experience. (more…)

WARRIOR of Compassion


Today we’d like to help you get on top of your finances by demystifying some of the common misconceptions about money and values. Aligning your values with a constant flow of money is not necessarily about discipline, but more about understanding what a financially successful mindset is. It’s about igniting an interest in your finances, empowering you to have a vision based on your values and encouraging you to live a vibrant and purposeful life where money is a tool, not the end game. (more…)


Times change, people evolve, and understanding what society needs is an important part of success. In fact, being sensitive to changes is the optimal way to stay ahead of change so that you can adjust accordingly. I believe the world is in need of a new type of inspiration. Admittedly, in this episode, I may raise more questions than answer them. Because I’m not entirely sure what it will look like or what to call it, but I’ve been sensing a new need in the style of inspiration for quite some time.  (more…)


We have something truly special for you today. A two-part episode on the topic of Emotional Branding. You might be wondering, “what is emotional branding?” Emotional Branding is for businesses that need to trigger the emotions of prospective clients in order to stand out and gain their business. It’s the emotions that get them engaged and wanting to work with you. As a Creative Warrior, you are likely in a business where understanding the concept of Emotional Branding and having an Emotional Branding Strategy will serve you very well. Here’s how the two-parts work: (more…)



The message about authenticity has gotten through loud and clear. We know that to be in business today and build real relationships with those we do business with based on trust, we must be authentic. I’m thrilled entrepreneurs and Creative Warriors have embraced this all important message. And now we’re hearing a lot about alter-egos, super powers, and finding our superhero within. Isn’t this a conflict you might be thinking? Be authentic AND have an alter-ego? Well, before everyone gets confused, let’s have a chat about this and set the record straight. (more…)


What’s your favorite part of summer celebrations? In the U.S., we’re celebrating the 4th of July today. Burgers, bbq’s, and fireworks. Especially the fireworks. Collective oooos and ahhhhs as hundreds of thousands of people look up into the night sky. The sounds of amazement. I’ve been thinking a lot about amazement lately. I think most of us could use a bit more amazement in our lives. Why not? So much in life is amazing. Nature, incredible feats of accomplishment, even a simple everyday moment can be amazing.



No one likes a know it all. Don’t we all want to get away from the person at a party that goes on and on about themselves? Don’t be that person as a business. Don’t tell prospective clients about yourself. Compel them, magnetize them, fascinate them. At least at first. Think of it as flirtation. Get their attention. Use your smoothest moves. Then, once interested, you can tell people about yourself. (more…)