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Is it time for a change in your life? Can you feel it but aren’t sure what it is or what life would look like on the other side of this shift? Maybe change is needed, or maybe it’s simply time for an adjustment that will allow greater flow and ease. You may very well be at a pivot point. Today we’re discussing how to pivot effectively: when it’s time to change things up, what it means, and how to pivot gracefully. (more…)

WARRIOR of Risk and Daring


Have you ever wanted to be apart of a rare chat with a masterful creative thinker who has spent a lifetime helping others dare to live their dreams? That day has arrived! We have with us the amazing and legendary Julia Cameron. Julia is most known for her groundbreaking work, The Artist’s Way, but as you’ll uncover her legacy is far reaching. (more…)

WARRIOR of Receiving


Creative Warriors podcast has been an amazing journey that has inspired us, motivated us, and changed our world as we knew it. There is nothing quite like having a “real” reason to do some of the geeky things Jeffrey loves to do most; read thought-provoking stuff and talk about it! (more…)


The Miracle Morning is the tool Hal Elrod created to completely change the trajectory of his life. He is living proof that you can overcome adversity and create an extraordinary life and business. 

Hal was hit head-on by a drunk driver (at 80 mph) and was dead alongside the highway. Despite being dead for six minutes, in a coma for six days, and being told he may never walk again, he made a full recovery. (more…)


What does is take to succeed in business and transform your life? It takes a new way of thinking, a reason to keep going and getting into action. That’s what we focus on at Creative Warriors. Particularly as it pertains to creative entrepreneurs–those of us in business marketing ourselves, our talents and doing so from a sense of purpose and meaning. (more…)

Nancy Michaels- Your Reinvention Catalyst

Nancy Michaels- Your Reinvention Catalyst

According to Nancy Michaels the best time to reinvent yourself is before you need to!

The queen of reinvention herself, Nancy has pulled through coma, brain surgery, multiple life threatening complications, rehabilitation, divorce, loss, the challenges that come from being a single parent of three, and is a self sufficient business owner that has completely stepped up to recreate her life. What Nancy has been through is nothing short of astonishing. The story of how she pulled her life together and recreated a successful life will inspire you to make changes in your life–big or small. (more…)

Margot Micallef and Warren Broad

Margot Micallef and Warren Broad

Let’s face it. We all fall emotionally, spiritually or financially at one time or another. When we focus on our landing instead of the fall we get the opportunity to start our journey in a different way. Much of success in business and in life is about resilience and recovery.

Focusing more on firmly landing on our feet allows us to constructively move forward and also gain the ability to handle whatever life throws our way. (more…)