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Living the Dream-  Thai Nguyen

Living the Dream- Thai Nguyen

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to Thai Nguyen, a self proclaimed professional re-inventor. He’s a 5-star chef, an international kick-boxer, a writer, speaker, and mindset-transformation coach. Thai is the true meaning of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. The term “lifestyle entrepreneur” seems to be all the rage right now. These are individuals who create opportunities and run businesses that support the life they WANT to live instead of creating businesses that run their lives. As Thai says, “making a living, living the dream.” Thai’s journey is incredible, from being a Vietnam refugee to now living in Peru writing his first book. In this chat with Thai there is plenty of inspiration and words of wisdom that will encourage you to take control of your life so you are “living the dream”.

What says the most about Thai is his personal manifesto. It goes as follows ~

“Not long ago, I was confronted with the question of, ‘If I was to die today, would I be happy with my life?’ The answer was a sobering and sad, ‘No.’ The life I was living didn’t match up with my passions and ambitions. Reflecting on the brevity of life, I decided to make a change and turn my Utopian dream into reality. I’m currently living in Cusco, Peru. A place that once only haunted me from the top of a bucket list. Now, I wake up, jog up a mountain to an ancient Incan ruin and watch the sunrise. A little cliché and corny, but I still have to pinch myself. Back to my apartment, and I get to spend all day writing.”

Thai has clearly taken positive action on “a big question” that has lead him down a path of self discovery and purpose. While he has accomplished many of his goals what stood out to me was his ability to take action toward fulfilling his deeper need and share it. You really can’t help but stop and applaud the effort Thai is making to carve out a life of meaning using the medium of his choice, on his own terms.

Highlights ~

  • Perception is your truth
  • 3 tips to rewrite your inner dialog
  • Does the “comfort of your life” create more or less discomfort in your life?
  • Create a business that supports your life not one that runs it
  • Using obstacles as benefits 

Resources ~

Thai’s website 

Thai on twitter 

Thai on Facebook 

SelfControl app

Offers and Gratitude ~

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