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Are there things you’ve always wanted to do, but you keep making excuses not to? Well, there’s only one thing holding you back. It’s a four letter word that starts with an “f”: fear. A lot of times, this fear keeps us from ever truly knowing what we will enjoy. It stops us from even attempting certain things.

For example, I used to be terrified of heights. If I would look down from a high place, my stomach would drop, I would start to tremble and I kept myself from experience anything that had to do with heights. One day I went rock climbing with a group, with the goal of overcoming a fear. When it came time to repel down the cliff, it was the most amazing experience. I had so much fun, and such a great time falling. I never would have known this was something I truly enjoyed if I had let my fear stay in the way. Today, I have a view from the 31st floor – and I love it.

To go deeper into why we can’t let fears stand in our way, and how we can let our “whys” be the reason we conquer them, I brought in an amazingly inspirational guest: Chantelle Adams. Chantelle Adams is a storytelling expert and public speaking coach. As a professional speaker, she has delivered over 800 speeches in just 5 years — in cities including Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Cancun, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.  She now helps others tell their stories and turn their message into a movement.

Chantelle hosts an annual event called Shine Live for 180 women entrepreneurs, attracting speakers such as Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 member Danielle LaPorte.  She has been featured on the cover of Business Heroine, Event Head and Mindful Mavericks Magazine. She is also the founder of the Courage Collective Global Community, which is on its way to sharing 1 million stories of courage and raising $1 million dollars for charity.

So to learn how you can conquer your fears, and create more courage in all areas of life that can lead you to change the world, download this episode now.


“Opportunities will come if we are open to the possibility.” -Chantelle Adams 

Highlights –

  • You need to be truly living, and not living out of fear.
  • Fighting for other people is not a bad thing.
  • Sit down and make a list of things you want to do but are afraid to.
  • Every time you overcome a fear, it makes you more courageous in other areas of life.
  • Don’t be afraid of losing your resources.
  • The best way to find how you can give back is to find the fire within you.
  • You can gift through your work.
  • There’s no need to wait to give.

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