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I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of people preach about how you need to find your niche. Although this is true, as an entrepreneur you want to make sure you find your niche. By that I mean your area of expertise.



One of the most important things you can do in this world is discover your purpose. It’s really heartbreaking when an entrepreneur spends decades building a business that’s something they don’t care about. They start to feel burned out, and are too scared to try anything else because they’ve become dependant on the income that’s been created.



Running a business is a lot like playing sports. Now, I’m not a big sports guy myself, but I certainly respect the passion and drive that athletes have. One of the most important things that sports does right, which a lot of businesses fall short on, is having the support from others.

Entrepreneurs tend to try to do it all themselves, which in the beginning is a necessity. As your business starts to grow, though, it quickly becomes a team sport. You need to know who to have that makes up for your weakness, and who you can pass the ball to when it’s required.



Do you ever feel ignored if you are out to eat with someone and they keep checking their phone? Does it make you feel insecure? Well, you’re not alone. We all feel that way.

Today it seems like everyone pays attention to their device and not the world around them. It’s an addiction not many people are addressing, but lucky for you this can easily play in your favor as an entrepreneur.



All of us entrepreneurs have heard about the importance of building a brand. What you’re not hearing enough is the importance of building a personal brand. People don’t follow a brand, they follow the founder. They don’t think SpaceX, Virgin, or Apple. They tend to think Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs.



Ever feel like you’re not smart enough for business? That maybe you don’t have the IQ you need? To be honest, it’s not about your IQ. It’s about your emotional intelligence. Let’s face it, most business isn’t conducted with logic: it’s conducted with feelings. If you can unlock that emotional intelligence, you can tap into what really makes your customers tick. You’ll be able to pull yourself out of the equation and begin to really help them.



As creatives we’ve all heard about the importance of creating good habits. After all, it’s not people who decide their destiny: it’s their habits that decide it for them. One problem I’ve noticed a lot of people I coach have is that they try to do too much all at once. They try to change their entire routine for the day, and it makes things complicated. Chances are a huge change, even an hour or more, can be nearly impossible to turn into a habit. You’re more likely to fall back into your old habits and not make the progress you want.



Many Creative Warriors tend to think it’s impossible to harness the thing they are best at: creativity. They think it’s just a fountain that you let explode, and try to sort it all out later. There is a way to help with this. It’s by creating a solid system. It seems like rules would restrict your creativity, and a system would burn you out: but that’s actually not true. A good system will allow your mind to do what it does best. It’ll autonomize the tedious things that waste your time every day.



There’s one thing I’ve always been intrigued to study, and I’m sure you have too: body language. The idea that people may be saying more than they realize; that you’re uncovering their secrets. It’s a really exciting thing. There are a lot of myths, though, in the study of body language. The first is that people can’t lie with their bodies. Of course we can, and of course we all do. All it takes is being aware of what your body is doing, and know what other people may be reading.



If you’re like me, chances are you don’t like the idea of networking. It might feel a little sleazy, and conjure up images of a guy at an event passing out business cards to everyone he meets. In reality, that isn’t networking – or at least it shouldn’t be. You’re already in a huge network. You’re probably six degrees away from meeting everyone you already need and want to meet.


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