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As entrepreneurs we usually try to think of the next best product people will want. We come up with an idea, make it happen, and expect to see success. We know our products are better than anyone else’s on the market, and that’s all we need to be the successful – right?



We always hear people say, “Act your age!” But what does that really mean? What is someone who is 41 supposed to act like that’s different than someone who is 40? We are told we have to grow up, but that can come with some dangerous consequences.

When we try to “grow up” we lose the ability to take chances. We become afraid of the world. Adults don’t play in the rain, they cower under umbrellas to escape the little drops of water from falling on us. We begin to follow rules because that’s what we were always told to do. There’s no reason for me to wait 30 minutes after eating before I swim. It has no science behind it, and yet many people still believe it’s true. We follow so many rules blindly, and it may be time to start letting it go.



Everyone knows that nothing holds a creative back more than themselves. We all think that we’re not good enough. We get jealous of others, and give up before we even try. We believe our skills just aren’t good enough.



Do you ever feel down and worry you’re going to be stuck there? Don’t worry, that’s a common feeling and one you should let go of. Everyone’s life is full of peaks and valleys. Just know that you’ve felt happiness before, and that you’ll feel it again. Trust in your journey, and let your happiness come from the path you are on. I know it’s easy to say but taking action or even truly understanding why you aren’t happy can be difficult.



We often blame outside sources for our own shortcomings. Some people blame money, others blame the economy, but very few are willing to accept responsibility. In the end, not looking internally to find the problems means you’ll never be able to find a proper solution. This is commonly the reason many businesses and entrepreneurs fail. There’s a level of pride and ego that stops you from seeing it as your fault.



Do you ever wonder why things aren’t working? Maybe your numbers aren’t as high as you want them to be, or maybe you’re not getting the response from a market you wanted. We live in a world of data, and data doesn’t lie. It’s like you aren’t analyzing your results properly. One of the first steps you need to take in order to come up with a solid strategy is to be able to properly gather analytics look at the statistics you need. From there you can find your audience and really come up with a plan to build your brand.



We often believe that if we throw a wide net we’ll catch more fish. This mentality doesn’t actually work in business. If you spread yourself too wide you won’t be able to find the audience you need. You’ll end up having a hard time explaining yourself and your business, and people will not trust that you can do everything you claim.



It’s common for people to build a business or start a career and then see it all start to fall apart. We may begin to lose that sense of fulfillment, or our sales start to suffer. This doesn’t mean we are failures or aren’t good enough. You’ve probably just outgrown your current situation. It may be time for you or your business to pivot and find a new direction.



We often times ask ourselves how we are feeling. When we focus on this question, we concentrate on the negatives. What we should be asking ourselves is, “How are we thinking?” You need to concentrate on your outlook and the positive aspects of the journey you are on.


WARRIOR of Observation


On this week’s episode, we have Radim Malinic joining us to discuss how to successfully bridge the gap between business and client when designing. We also dig deeper into breaking down roadblocks that may come with on demand creativity. Radim Malinic is a designer in the truest sense of the word. Not just in the work he creates, but also in how he has designed his career, his life, and even his happiness. Come along on a journey into the inner thoughts, philosophies, and processes, of this creative entrepreneur and be inspired to create the business, life, and happiness of your dreams.


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