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If you’re looking for help understanding how to price your product or service and raise your prices, then this episode is for you. Banish the confusion, stop second guessing yourself and get down to business.

Sean D’Souza was a guest a few months ago talking about what causes people to buy or hesitate and to date, it’s our #1 episode. Sean delivers his information conceptually and with specific actions steps you can take for your business.

Sean runs a zany marketing site, Psychotactics where he deconstructs headlines in his spare time. He’s a cartoonist, loves dancing, works 9 months a year, and is the author of The Brain Audit and Dartboard Pricing. Sean lives in New Zealand with his wife and 64 million sheep. He also has a binge-worthy, music-filled podcast, The Three Month Vacation.

WARRIOR of Magic

“People discuss price when they don’t have information.” - Sean D’Souza

Highlights -

  • Dartboard pricing method explained
  • The psychology behind spending
  • Cost-conscious vs Value-conscious
  • Why charging less is not a business plan
  • The best way to raise prices

Resources -

  • Grammarly is an incredibly cheap service helps keep your grammar and spelling in check. There is a free version that everyone should have, and if you purchase a subscription, you’ll be blown away by what it will do for your writing.
  • Audible books transform your commute, workout or chores into fun, productive ME TIME! Audible is offering a free audiobook, try it, like it and stay or cancel and keep your free book.
  • The Creative Warrior Unleashed - Jeff’s 6-month go-at-your-own-pace coaching program on How To Be Successful When You’re Marketing Yourself and Your Talent.

Guest Contact -

Mentions -

Gifts -

Sean is generously offering his booklet “How to raise prices.” Check out Creative Warriors Gifts Page where you can grab Sean’s offer as well as check out the free gifts from previous guests.

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