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Our days can be long. Sometimes hard, tiring, and just plain exhausting. What makes you smile? When do you stop yourself throughout the day to take a moment and appreciate a small celebration? We can get caught up in what we’ve done wrong, or what we don’t have, and we forget to take time to just smile about what we DO have. That’s exactly why Ryan Esbjerg started “Flex Your Face.”

Ryan Esbjerg joins us to discuss his business “Flex Your Face” and his entrepreneurial journey. Ryan wants to give back to the community by spreading happiness and bringing those together to appreciate the small celebrations in life, as well as the big ones!


“Find a reason.” -Ryan Esbjerg

Highlights -

  • “Flex Your Face” means to smile!
  • The Flex Your Face mission is to ignite people’s lives through the celebration of small moments in their day.
  • The deepest relationships are in person, which is why Flex Your Face does community events!
  • Flex Your Face University is their community development program.
  • The quicker you get to what’s working, the quicker you get to things in your personal life.
  • When you smile, it helps you build momentum and get motivated.
  • 100% of the profits go back to the people who purchase apparel.
  • Whatever makes you happy is a good thing.
  • It’s okay for your goals and missions in life to be selfish.

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