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As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time planning our success. How will we get there? What will it take? What should I build my business on? We focus on the building and maintaining portion of our careers or businesses. What about our exit plan? What happens when we’ve reached the end of the road for our business or career? It’s just as important to have an exit plan, as it is anything else in your business.

Eric Gilboord shares his insight on creating a strong exit plan and the payoffs it can provide if done properly. Eric has worked with hundreds of small businesses over the course of 22 years! If that’s not impressive enough, Eric is also an author and a columnist, with his newest book being “Moving Forward: Why You’re Stuck and What to Do About it.”


“If you’re putting all that effort into building something, it just makes sense to have some kind of a plan where you can monetize off it.” -Eric Gilboord

Highlights -

  • Having an exit plan can help when the unexpected occurs.
  • Be on the front end of your business or career.
  • There are two sides to the exit plan conversation: emotional and business.
  • There is a risk in creative businesses that fall into the lifestyle business trap.
  • Boomers own 63% of private businesses in US and Canada.
  • Avoid the “me” focused way of looking at your business.
  • In terms of your success, think “I want that AND…”
  • Understand where a buyer is coming from and how they are looking at your business.
  • You may not want to think of creating an exit plan, but the truth is you should.
  • Figure out what you want to do from a business perspective with legacy.

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