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I used to eat out for almost every meal. I rarely cooked, and my body, skin and bank account were suffering. But then, I changed my eating habits because I wanted to look good. As I got older, my mindset shifted; I realized that how I felt was more important than how I looked.

Now, my motive isn’t how I look or how healthy I am, it’s how I can optimize my life. If I can feel better, I’m able to spend more time with kids and be more effective while working. As entrepreneurs, we all need to take control of our health because it has a huge impact on our business.

To dive deeper into optimizing our life, I’ve brought on serial entrepreneur and author David Hauser. David co-founded Grasshopper, which was acquired by Citrix Systems for $170 million, among many others. His book is called Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life. David has questioned conventional wisdom about health to find out what worked for him.

To find out how you can approach your health with an entrepreneurial mindset, download this episode now.


“Every time I make a decision about food I can empower myself to make the right decision.” - David Hauser

Highlights -

  • Respect the bed. Sleep is important to your health.
  • Question things you’ve known to be true because there are motives behind everything. 
  • There is a mindset shift between being healthy and optimizing your life. 
  • If you want to take one step, stop eating sugar and processed foods.
  • David fasts when he travels.
  • Step One: take an inventory of the areas of improvement.
  • Step Two: take measurements.
  • Step Three: prioritize what can have the highest impact with the lowest effort. Step Four: build a routine.
  • Micro-Optimizations are things like changing your work environment to a standing desk, installing flux on your computer, only using natural light in your office. 

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