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WARRIOR of Observation


On this week’s episode, we have Radim Malinic joining us to discuss how to successfully bridge the gap between business and client when designing. We also dig deeper into breaking down roadblocks that may come with on demand creativity. Radim Malinic is a designer in the truest sense of the word. Not just in the work he creates, but also in how he has designed his career, his life, and even his happiness. Come along on a journey into the inner thoughts, philosophies, and processes, of this creative entrepreneur and be inspired to create the business, life, and happiness of your dreams.

Radim Malinic is a creative director and graphic designer based in South West London, working under the name Brand Nu. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, he works across art creative direction, digital illustration, typography, and music video direction to form a practice based on positivity message, and meaning. Radim’s work is internationally renowned for it’s skill and vibrance, and has won numerous awards. In addition to his impressive client list of large and small companies, Radim’s nonprofit and charity work includes The United States Agency for International Development. The World Wide Fund for Nature, and Little Big Africa, which is a Ugandan charity bringing water to remote village communities.

Radim is also passionate about music and in the summer of 2015, released a 4 track EP, made with samples recorded in Uganda in collaboration with BLK MRKS. He has spoken at a number of conferences to outline his ideas about self development and the need for people to stay forever curious. He has recently released his fourth self published book, titled “Book of Ideas.”

WARRIOR of Observation

“Miracles can happen on any size waves.” - Radim Malinic

Highlights -

  • The best way to attract your ideal client is having a brand that creates an emotional response from your ideal client
  • The designer is the liaison between the brand and customer
  • Keep one foot in the customer’s shoe, and one in the real world when listening to their wants and needs
  • Answering the question: Why does this exist?  is what makes the design work
  • Simplicity is what makes great design; limitations are how you achieve that.
  • Always remain curious, and find happiness in everything that you do

Guest Contact -

Brand Nu

Radim Malinic Twitter: @brand_nu


Books -

“Book Of Ideas: A Journal of Creative Direction and Graphic Design” by Radim Malinic


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