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WARRIOR of Negotiation


If you’re active on social media as a small business and are wondering, like many if it’s worth anything more than connecting with friends, this episode is for you. Today’s conversation is not about social media, but rather social selling and how social media is simply a tool that when used well can yield tremendous results professionally and personally.

Tim Hughes is a transformational leader, best-selling author, and a top 10 Social Media influencer.  With a background in sales and sales management, Tim has been involved in Social Media for over 7 years, having built a following of 150,000 Twitter followers which positioned him as a top 10 Influencer. He is a renown international speaker, blogger, and writer.

With the disruption in the market from Cloud and Social, three years ago Tim was involved in the European transformation of the sales and marketing teams at one of the largest tech companies in the world.  He shares many of his Social Selling skills in his bestselling book “Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers.”

Tim is also the co-founder of Digital Leadership Associates a company designed to help companies transform into the digital and social media age.

WARRIOR of Negotiation

“People buy people, at the end of the day social media is simply a tool.”
-Tim Hughes

Highlights -

  • Building relationships with social media
  • Using social media as part of your selling strategy
  • Finding business value in social media
  • Crowdsource networking
  • 4 components to receiving inbound inquiries

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Mentions -

  • “Everyone is on Linkedin, but the interesting people are on Twitter.” Brian Solis
  • “If you’re going to fail, fail fast.” Mark Zuckerberg

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