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WARRIOR of Space


Do you know that feeling when you are on the edge of something great happening? A tipping point? When it feels like the wind is at your back and you are working at your peak performance? Today we’re going to review some suggested methods that can create that feeling of being on the verge whenever you want it.

Cara Bradley is the author of On the Verge. She is a passionate teacher of yoga, meditation, and fitness who has been in the trenches of personal transformation as a “mental strength coach” for over three decades. Cara specifically supports creating a clear state of mind, a connected body, and an open heart.”

At her Verge Yoga Center, retreats, and corporate training sessions, she works with teams such as Villanova University football and Penn State men’s basketball helping them mentally prepare for success.

WARRIOR of Space

“Live on purpose every day.”
-Cara Bradley

Highlights -

  • 3 ways to experience life and how it impacts your success
  • Calling off the “search” to step into living
  • 4 practices to harness the busy mind
  • Aligning heart, mind, and body

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